"1. When he texts you and says that he misses your lips on his skin, ask him if he’s drunk. If he is, don’t reply. If he’s not, then ask why he left you for that blonde girl with the piercings.
2. It’s going to break you. The first boy you fall in love with is going to snap your heart in half, and you’ll let him. Just remember that it wont feel that way forever.
3. When he asks if you “can still be friends” say no. You’re going to miss him either way, but it hurts less when you don’t get his texts asking if you want to get high with him at his brother’s house.
4. Don’t keep anything. Give him his t-shirts, give him his half-empty pack of cigarettes you found under your bed, give him everything he ever bought you, give him the bear he won you at the carnival and the flowers he picked for you at the park. Let him figure out what to do with them.
5. You’re allowed to hurt. It’s okay to sit in the shower and scream so loud that your throat is raw, just don’t write his name in the fogged mirror. It’s okay to smash a plate on the kitchen floor, just don’t cut yourself on the glass. It’s okay to feel like he snapped open your rib cage and sucked all the air from your lungs, just take a deep breath and know that you’re going to get better eventually.”

— 5 Things to Remember When He Breaks Your Heart